Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dog Adoption Interview

I've just completed an interview with Happy Tails Books - Lost Souls Found!
Please stop by and check it out. You'll learn a little more about me too.

While you are there, if you have a rescue or adoption story that you would like to share, Happy Tails accepts stories for publishing!

You can buy Happy Tails - Lost Souls Found! breed specific books as well. A significant portion of sales will go to help dogs in need.

These books would make a great gift for the dog lover you know or for someone that loves dogs, but seems to have everything else. Books last forever, unlike your computer, and they make great coffee table conversation. Once you read these stories, you'll want to share the joy with your friends! In addition to Happy Tails books, the website posts up-to-date information on dogs and animal advocacy news.

I'll be back soon with an update on my Darlin'.


  1. Darlin is one lucky pup to have come across you and your family that night.

  2. Awesome! Did you know pets can reduce stress and help improve health? Read more on and know! Its very informative!